Window Cleaning

When it comes to window cleaning, our Ninjas are highly trained and skilled masters of the art. We use the old school artisan techniques of wetting, scraping with a blade designed for window cleaning (only if we’re able to, some glass will scratch, but no worries, our ninjas trained to know what to look for so they don’t scratch your glass), scrubbing with elbow grease, and then squeegeeing the glass. We then trim around the edges of the glass with special towels that don’t leave streaks to soak up any existing water.


We offer inside and outside window cleaning. One of the Qualities of a Ninja is Stealth, so when we are inside your home we will do our best to make sure your home stays clean. When we go inside your home we put on shoe covers and we use drop towels to protect your floors. We have also eliminated the need for buckets, so no more worries when it comes to dumping water.

Screen Cleaning

Screens can be tough to get clean, but no worries, we have a special product that we use to eliminate the dust and then polish them making them look all clean and shiny. We remove the screens, scrub them with the product and then polish the product off with a towel. If the screens are old, weathered, or sun rotted, we can get the dust off, but we cannot restore them to new. We can however, get them re screened for you. More information on that in the screen repair section.

Screen Repair

If your screens are in bad shape and need repaired or re screened we can take care of that for you as well. We do have a 5 screen minimum and we only offer this at the time of the window cleaning service. Since we are already removing the screens to clean them, instead of putting them back, we can take them with us to get them repaired. After they’re done we stop by when we’re in the area and install them.


Tracks can fill up with dirt and bugs! We brush and vacuum them out and then wipe them clean.


Cleaning Blinds requires patience, at least the way we do it does. We take the time to wipe each individual slat with a micro-fiber towel. Even with all the effort we put in to wiping them down, they still wont look perfect. We want them to look perfect, but dust has a way of sticking to things or resettling on them after it’s been wiped off. We can still make them look great!


While we’re there we can also clean: Gutters, Ceiling fans, Light Fixtures, Shower doors, and  Mirrors

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