Sensei Jake

Jake (Owner/Operator of Window Cleaning Ninjas LLC) was born in a small town in the mountains of Arizona and is one of 10 children. In order to support such a big family, his father started a window cleaning company and put all the kids to work. All of the kids had the opportunity to work hard to help earn their way in life. In order to satisfy his entrepreneurial spirit, Jake moved to San Antonio in 2015 to start a window cleaning company of his own. He is a 2nd generation window cleaner with 18 years experience in the industry. Jake is also a family man with a wife and 3 kids of his own, loves the outdoors, gardening, and learning.


Vic is also a 2nd generation window cleaner with 13 years experience. At 6′ 4″ tall, it’s almost like he was designed for window cleaning. He has an incredible reach which is perfect for reaching those hard to get windows on a ladder. He is currently in school working on getting his degree. Vic is also married, loves the outdoors, cycling and going to the gym.


Alexis has a well rounded work background and has excelled in all the positions he has held. His happy can do it attitude is exactly what you need. Alexis is currently in school working on getting his degree. He is also the closest thing that we have to an actual ninja. He is an MMA fighter, loves the gym, has a champion spirit and a golden heart. Also loves plants, and eating sushi.