A Ninja Is One Who Excels At A Particular Skill Or Activity.


Will Your Windows Be Our Next Mission?

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Why Window Cleaning Ninjas?

Ninjas originated in the mountains of Japan over 800 years ago as practitioners of ninjutsu, a martial art sometimes called “the art of stealth” or “the art of invisibility.”


Ninjas were also known as assassins. Though we are not assassins of people it is our goal to assassinate the filth off your glass, show you the art of invisibility as the glass disappears before your eyes and practice the art of stealth by keeping your home clean and leaving no trace (other than your glass being invisible).


The word ninja derives from the Japanese characters “nin” and “ja.” “Nin” initially meant “persevere, and “Ja” means person. So a ninja is also one who perseveres. Acquiring artisan level skills Requires discipline, patience, and perseverance.



Though no person is perfect we chose to be Window Cleaning Ninjas to help remind us that we should always be striving for excellence in skill and in character.


So Why Window Cleaning Ninjas? We believe our team has the skill and the character to excel in providing you with our services.


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